If you have had a bad day

If you have had a bad day at work for whatever reason or your journey was frustrating, it is not your partner’s fault.  They were not there.  Before you pick up the phone and look for reasons to find fault with them to justify you venting your frustration just imagine what they look like, what they sound like and who they are to you.  You are not calling a repository for your bad humour, you are calling your life partner and they deserve to be treated well.  Now with our clever technology it is a good idea to have a photograph of your partner come up on your phone when you call their number.  This reminds you that they are a real person, the person you love and it makes it harder to vent your spleen on them.

It does not mean that you cannot tell them that you have had a frustrating day, you can and hearing a kind and loving voice can ease your own distress.  Don’t forget to also ask them about their day.

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