Dignity in relationships

We have just returned from a night in the Port Lympne Reserve Hotel.  A stunningly beautiful place set in fabulous grounds with the sounds of the animals in the background.  I cannot praise this place enough for its attention to detail.

However, from staying in the hotel to being taken on a safari trip around the grounds it was the staff that had the most impact on me.  They were all, without exception, smiley and treated each other well and were just charming to the members to the public visiting their place of work.

The aim is to treat the animals well even driving slowly past an elderly elephant’s enclosure because he is not well and they did not want to upset him.  However, the whole ethos of the place was to treat all animals well and with dignity.  If someone is struggling with a long uphill walk we were told to ring the office and they would send the minibus to collect us.

I think this environment is built on kindness and it was a pleasure to visit.  Thank you.

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