The Perpetuation of Bullying

Once again watching Rookies has brought inappropriate behaviour to my attention.

Being bullied as a child is not an excuse for bullying others as an adult.  Anyone who has been bullied knows first hand about the impact the behaviour of others had on them.  They then have a choice.  They can hurt or humiliate others in the way that it happened to them and continue the cycle or they can make a decision that they do not want other people to suffer what they themselves went through.

The young man on this programme laughed when he was accused of bullying by his senior colleague.  His mother said that he had been severely bullied at school as though to excuse the way in which he treats other people now.  That is not an excuse, bullying is cruel and unkind and there is never a justification for it.

What is wrong with being kind to other people and running a very large risk that they will treat you in the same way?

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